Crock Pot Grits with Smoked Sausage

There’s nothing like getting up in the morning to a hot pot of grits and sausage. Start this recipe in your crock pot the night before and wake up to a delicious treat the next morning. I especially like to cook these grits when I have overnight guests. The same goes for Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings.

  • 6 cups water
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 3-4 teaspoons salt
  • 2 cups uncooked quick grits
  • 2 pounds smoked sausage, sliced in half inch pieces
  • ½ stick butter

Assemble all ingredients except butter the night before in crock pot. Cover with lid and cook in the crock pot over night on low setting. In the morning grits will seem to settle in the bottom of the pan, stir with a whisk to evenly distribute grits. Taste to make sure grits have enough salt. Just before serving add butter. Stir before serving. This recipe serves eight.

Note: If grits are too thick, thin with milk- not water or cream. Use quick grits, do not use instant grits. For a lighter version substitute skim milk or fat free half and half for the cream and omit the butter. If you want plain grits leave out the sausage.

Garnish ideas: sharp cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, feta cheese with chopped tomatoes and onion, salsa, and hot sauce.