About Joy McCabe

"I'm just a home cook." That's always my answer when asked what kind of work I do that qualifies me to cook on WBIR's Live at Five at Four. Most other food contributors on the show own a restaurant or catering business. Everyone assumes I do too.

I was originally invited to cook on WBIR's Style in August, 2006, because one of my tailgating recipes was published in Knoxville magazine. The recipe was my Layered Cornbread Salad, and it is still one of my favorite recipes.

I've always enjoyed cooking, being influenced by my mother and grandmother. Both were very good southern cooks. In addition to the southern influences, I have three Greek aunts, my father's sisters that always made fabulous things.

I also enjoy entertaining, something else I learned from my mother. Sometimes you have to make the party happen. Sometimes it's more special to have a dinner with friends or family at home instead of going out.

In 1987 my friend wanted to start a supper club, and she asked me to be part of the group. Our supper club is still going strong today. Hosting these supper club events, more than anything, helped me gain confidence with cooking and entertaining. Another added benefit of our supper club, my friend became my sister in law. I married her brother. Who knew that would happen?

As a result of constantly searching for supper club menu ideas, I am a recipe collector. I will bug you to death if you served something that I enjoyed. I will stop at nothing to get your recipe.

My advice and the most important thing I've learned about cooking and entertaining is to stay in your comfort zone, only do what you know you can handle. Learn to make a few recipes really well, and it will happen naturally. You will continue to learn and add to your recipe collection.

Have fun!